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Life Beyond 21 is Living


So it’s been awhile. And a lot of things in my life have changed…

I turned 25 on my last birthday. I’m in a committed partnership. We just bought a building. not a house, a building. Enough space for his business and for us to live. We moved in together (this is a first for me – I have never lived with a boy and said that I would never do so until I was very very sure, I’m very independent). I have studio space in it as well, paintings on the walls and all the freedom to play and practice trumpet whenever I please. I journeyed to Iceland for New Years. I finally finished school this year and am qualified as a designer. I now have an extended family here in Moncton. My Sistema co-workers have become my family. I started taking trumpet lessons again with someone who continuously encourages me to play my best. I’m going back on a European tour with NBYO to Vienna, Prague and Leipzig. I’m exploring Rome with my love. I’m getting paid to paint, to design, and to play.

My heart has two loves. one sleeps beside me, the other is the ocean.

My heart has two loves. One sleeps beside me, the other is the ocean.

Sure there have been trying times and valleys to the mountain views, but with all the good, who could focus on the negative?