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Lesson of the Day


Insight is gained when surrounded by the people who influence the most. Mentors, friends who went through university with me, and family. My family includes my uni friends; either continuing school or stepping into the real world or both. I travelled to central Canada and saw them this weekend and the discussions had on planes, trains and automobiles presented these conclusions in my head.

1. The world we live in is a beautiful one.

2. You have gifts to make it more beautiful.

3. We cannot change the world however we can create change in our world.

4. Love. Pure and simple. It is not complicated. If it is, it’s not right.

5. Forgiveness. Like love, unconditional; but hard.

6. Your friends will always be there. Even if they seem far away. If they love you, it doesn’t matter how much time or distance there is between you.

7. Foster the relationships that are important. Forget the ones that aren’t.

8. Anything and anyone can inspire your creativity.

9. You can inspire anyone’s creativity you just may not know you have at the time.

10. The simplest words mean the most. So say them.

11. There is always a better choice in hindsight.

12. A life of regret is a life looking backwards not forwards.

13. Age is a perception of time.

14. Age does not dictate greatness or when or if. Actions do.

So lessons acknowledged… But are they learnt? Hmmmm…. That’s the real question.


Life Happens


I haven’t written a post in a while and it’s usually because life happens. Changes come all the time and adjusting to them sometimes takes a while. So things that aren’t as critical take a backseat. For me, this is writing.

I’m moving.

And over the last two weeks I’ve been packing my life away in boxes getting ready for the big day. It’s one of those things that everyone dreads; but I think it’s good.

Life needs a restart button sometimes. Packing makes you purge things from your life you don’t need; whether its physical or emotional. The emotional baggage we hold on to is tragic. It adds so much unneeded stress to our lives. Past relationships, friendships, jobs, bills, our measure of success…. Society puts emphasis on belongings and the things we own. But often there is too much in our life and it bogs us down. If you were to make a list of 10 items that were the most important and were the only things you could keep, what would they be?

I answered this myself.

1. Bible
2. Trumpet
3. Music Device
4. Sketchbook
5. Pencils/Pens
6. Camera
7. Phone
8. Guitar
9. A photograph of my family
10. The pack I travelled through Europe with

I discovered when pondering it myself and while going through my life… That there really isn’t that much that I’m extremely attached to. The obvious ones yes like music and art and my outlets for them. But that there aren’t a ton of things that my attachment is overwhelming towards. It makes it easy in a way. And makes pushing that restart button almost enjoyable. Purging is healthy. So I say, be not afraid of new beginnings and of letting things go. It may be what you need…

Life is Good


We tend to think that the world is out to get us. Things go wrong and we blame the universe. We tend to think, it’s not our fault.. That we put as much effort into it as possible and that “they just didn’t get us.”

But what, if for once, we realized that life is in our hands and is our responsibility….

We didn’t blame others for our faults. We didn’t accuse anyone for holding us back. We just lived. And then when things go wrong, we recognized that yes, it would’ve been nice…. But also asked ourselves: Did I work as hard as I possibly could in the circumstances? Was it a realistic expectation? Are my skills what they’re looking for?

If the answer is no to any of those questions, don’t blame the world. Look in the mirror instead. I hate being around people who seem to think they are entitled and tend to think that hard work isn’t behind our successes. Take a look around people….. Everything is in your hands.

If the answer was yes to all those questions, don’t blame the world. Look in the mirror and tell yourself life is good. It didn’t work out this time, but something will come. Something you weren’t expecting, and it will be better then what you were doing before. Even in our low times… Life is good.