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Again riding the bus, so therapeutic, and for those who don’t take the bus…I feel sorry for you.

But this bus ride, I’m listening to Zemlinsky. Die Seejungfrau. A wonderful piece written at the turn of the twentieth century by a composer who seems to be often forgotten and overshadowed by Schoenberg, Berg and Webern. Which when I think about, is sad. His music is beautiful and so full of colour. Atonality was such an important movement in the twentieth century music world and has vastly influenced musical composition of today. But sometimes I feel like composers and audiences were uninterested to write and listen to music that didn’t or doesn’t push boundaries. The idea of music for music’s sake? Does music always have to have an inner purpose? Does art in general? I believe in intent, but what if a piece is written in an urge to be creative? Is it any less important?

I love being creative. But a lot of the time, I am creative for creative sake. For my own sanity. Does this mean that my work is any less of art because there is no pain staking, tragic story behind it?