And we’re off


I write from 30,000 feet above the ground. I’m on my way to British Columbia. And I feel like I’m on Cloud Nine. Punny I know, and my boyfriend would laugh and say that he’s rubbing off on me and that I secretly love puns which I will never admit to. But seriously… I’m on cloud nine right now. I haven’t flown anywhere since I came back from Europe almost 18 months ago.. (Wow.. Has it really been that long? Time flies.)


I made another pun.

Back on track… My older sister moved in April last year and I haven’t been out. She came home once since she moved and I’m excited to visit her part of the world. and honestly… she’s one of my best friends and I miss her. We’re a lot a like she and I. So I’m seeing my sister 🙂

Also I had a great day at work yesterday. I only had one student and I forced her (the meany I am) to do a quick study and play it for the beginners. She’s having some trouble reading music so sight reading is good for her. It means she isn’t playing from memory but is instead forced to read the music that’s written on the page. She did really well. It’s hard to play under pressure and I want to boost her confidence in her playing. So two thumbs up! We had a great time and I really enjoy working with her. Progress!!

I also handed in an application to McKenzie College. It’s a private college that focuses on art and design. So portfolio is finished and away, application is finished, scholarship letters written. And I had a really good meeting with the president. He wants me to start the graphic design program in may. Except.. I haven’t told you the two best things yet… I wouldn’t have to complete the foundation visual arts year. They want me to start in the second year graphic design program right away. And I’m a top candidate for their most substantial scholarship.. WHHAAAAATTTTT????!!!!

That’s the craziest thing I’ve heard all day.


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