Life Happens


I haven’t written a post in a while and it’s usually because life happens. Changes come all the time and adjusting to them sometimes takes a while. So things that aren’t as critical take a backseat. For me, this is writing.

I’m moving.

And over the last two weeks I’ve been packing my life away in boxes getting ready for the big day. It’s one of those things that everyone dreads; but I think it’s good.

Life needs a restart button sometimes. Packing makes you purge things from your life you don’t need; whether its physical or emotional. The emotional baggage we hold on to is tragic. It adds so much unneeded stress to our lives. Past relationships, friendships, jobs, bills, our measure of success…. Society puts emphasis on belongings and the things we own. But often there is too much in our life and it bogs us down. If you were to make a list of 10 items that were the most important and were the only things you could keep, what would they be?

I answered this myself.

1. Bible
2. Trumpet
3. Music Device
4. Sketchbook
5. Pencils/Pens
6. Camera
7. Phone
8. Guitar
9. A photograph of my family
10. The pack I travelled through Europe with

I discovered when pondering it myself and while going through my life… That there really isn’t that much that I’m extremely attached to. The obvious ones yes like music and art and my outlets for them. But that there aren’t a ton of things that my attachment is overwhelming towards. It makes it easy in a way. And makes pushing that restart button almost enjoyable. Purging is healthy. So I say, be not afraid of new beginnings and of letting things go. It may be what you need…


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