Sit and Wait


How many times in the run of a day, do you rush around with a million things to do and on your mind?

Tonight on the way home I realized how much my day included; a flag day ceremony organized by yours truly, two meetings, submitting final paperwork for upcoming events, running to campus to find my voice teacher (yes you read right, voice teacher) to get music, dealing with 20 children, rushing to find food, getting to a blood donor clinic, and finding a bus home.

That’s a full day.

And only one.

Tomorrow it will begin all over again with new challenges and obstacles. That’s the hardest part. Knowing it will happen all over again tomorrow. Knowing that no matter how much I plan or troubleshoot, things will go wrong and there’s nothing I can do to change it. So why do we sweat the little things? Why are they at that time, so important? I have discovered over the last 6 months after relying on public transit, how much I love the bus. How relaxing it is, to sit and wait, to not have to be thinking about anything. This is my time. To read my Bible, to draw something or someone, or like most days, to sit. What’s your time?


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  1. “Come unto me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” The words of Jesus still ring true. At some point in time that revelation that we get needs to take the shape of revelation from the fathers heart to our own. Its one thing to read it, it is another thing to experience it. Some of us experience it in a major, tangible experience and yet others more subtly. Unfortunately the lions share of us never want to receive or are clouded with the worries of yesterday and tomorrow; I am one of them. As we speak I am getting back to basics; back to my first love. Sitting in my room playing worship and waiting for him to show up. Just one touch will set me on the path of victory and joy.

    Miss you!

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