What did you do today?


It’s been six months since my whirl-wind trip across Europe. I sit here in my living room, in rural Nova Scotia and think back about all the things that I experienced. Everyone asked when I got back about the highlights of the trip. There were many. And to be fair… it’s Europe. Everywhere you go is new and different. If you have an outgoing personality and trust that not everyone in the world is a horrible person, you will meet people anywhere.

So while events stick out in my mind like wandering the galleries of the Louvre, trying gelato in every town or city I visited, playing with the Senior Orchestra of Strasbourg… it is these experiences as a whole, that made the trip worth the expense. However, it is not always the ‘big thing’ that you do or see or experience. It is the little things that make life so much brighter.

Being the first one on the monument at Vimy Ridge was unforgettable. But it was the whole trip and the whole day, that made me appreciate it the more. Navigating my way to the inner zones of Paris, finding a ticket, finding the train, arriving in Arras, enjoying coffee and the sun in the early morning, being quiet and content, finding a cab to Vimy, visiting the monument, meeting other Canadians, finding a bit of home away from home, learning our history, meeting other Nova Scotians, discovering a magnificent cathedral, waiting for the train back, taking the train back, finding the hotel again.

…. it is all the parts.

So I ask, what did you do today? What made your day? It doesn’t have to be travelling the world. But, have you taken the time for you? Did you take and make a moment?


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