Traversing Tried


Having arrived safely back in Canada, one can only experience the exhausting and liberating feelings of having accomplished more in the last 6 weeks, then (what seems anyway) in the last 6 years. Musically, Vienna is the pinnacle of any performance driven musician. Thus, between performing in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein, successfully navigating the subway in Paris, getting blown over on the Cliffs of Mohor, swimming in the waters of the Mediterranean, feeling the National pride atop Vimy Ridge, climbing thousands of stairs and becoming one amongst millions, the trip itself was a huge success.

Personally, the trip provided healing which could only be accomplished with time and reflection. While running from life, does not work
I know that it is impossible, and every problem shouldn’t be run from. But there are times when running is necessary. The trip also provided a time, where I wasn’t constantly thinking and worrying about the future. Where I could just spend time and just be. I learned many things about myself during this 6 week period which I had never realized. Over the next little while, I’ll dive into them a little bit. Now I realize, none of them are ground breaking for anyone other than perhaps myself, and maybe they’re not that ground breaking. . . but for a 22 year old, recent graduate, with the world in front of her . . .
. these are lessons momentous .

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