Saunter: the word of the day…


Landing in Frankfurt after a 7 hour flight, boarding buses to travel another 10 hours.. we finally arrive… Aus Salzburg!!! Haben Sie besser tage mit meinen Freunden aus Salzburg!! guided tours around the city, meant a lot of sauntering occured, in reality… the most sauntering. As one is with a group of 80, it is nearly impossible to do anything without sauntering. It seemed like the morning was a lifetime at parts.However, on the up side.. we did see fantastic places including the Cathedral, the fountain in the Sound of Music, Schloss Leopoldskron (which tourists usually don’t get to go see but with special connections AKA Ken McLeod, we were able to get in) and many more. But I think my favorite was seeing the fortress on top of the mountain overlooking old Salzburg. Being too cheap we decided to climb the stairs instead of taking a cable car up. There have never been as many laughs or jokes made among us. It was worth it to see the amazing views and enjoy good times with good friends and colleagues. The weather so far has been amazing with it being over 30 degrees for the last two days. I’m working on a sweet tan with so many tan lines I can’t even tell you.

This evening, we had our first rehearsal. We’ve set new “European tempos” and everything seems to be faster. three hours of rehearsal later… we have our first concert tomorrow evening. the program order will be Symphonic Dances by Dvorjk #3 and #8, Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven, Conga by Marquez and Marche Slave by Tchaikovsky. This is a shared concert with a choir. Beginning days early allows for the most time spent enjoying the culture, an 7am wake-up call means a 9am start at a Sound of Music Tour. Salzburg, ladies and Gents either means Sound of Music or Mozart… it’s one or the other or not at all. But there will be much sauntering tomorrow… one seems to never cease sauntering here..


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  1. Guess you are busy after reading your schedule of activities and events, have fun doing it, will follow your updates. All is well here.
    Love Gramp & Gram

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