Off to the Races!


With just hours before I am off to the airport, I find myself checking my list at least 50 times to make sure everything I need to have finished is actually there.  The thought of forgetting something isn’t what bothers me. I know that if I do forget something then I can find it wherever I’m going. But there is no one looking over my shoulder as I pack constantly asking what about this? Did you find… Em, you’re not going to need these. Perhaps my jitters don’t necessarily come from the fact that in 16 hours I will be boarding a plane to Frankfurt but rather that no one is here checking to make sure I have enough pairs of socks, that my music is actually in my bag and that one pesky straight mute I have to take, is there.

While I realize that this seems foolish to most, sometimes… a little bit of worry shows how much that person will be missed.

While I do believe that I have everything I need, isn’t life always been about the love in our lives and who we share it with? So while I’ll be flying over 3200 miles and exploring new places, I know I’ll be missing, each and everyone. I know I’ll be okay, but maybe if they know I’ll miss them, they might miss me.


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  1. I won’t miss you, well at least for the first 12 days I won’t 😉

    Afterwards I’ll be so jealous that you’ll be staying behind 😉
    I wish you lots of fun adventures on your 42 day adventure:)
    Can’t wait to play along your side!


  2. Silly girl, of course you will be missed!! You know all of us at home will be thinking of you every single day, and praying that you have an absolutely wonderful time and return home to us safely. Keep posting, so we know what fabulous things you’re up to!

  3. Of course you will be missed, silly girl! Everyone here at home is thinking of you, wishing you a wonderful time, and praying for your safe return. Rule your competition, and have a fabulous time on your independant tour of Europe! Keep posting, and take a million pictures. I for one will be reading. xoxo

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